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Vision Statement


Vision Statement


Compass is a multisite church, committed to the spiritual transformation of people, families, and communities. 


Begin in prayer.

This is our desire as a church as we enter a new year.

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At Christmas we celebrate the greatest gift of all

Respond to God’s lavish gift through generosity of your own


Join us February 1-2, 2019 for the Free Indeed Men’s Conference Simulcast!



Join us on Sunday mornings in Orangeville at 9:00 am and 11:00 am or Shelburne at 10:00 am.

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Christmas is a season that engages all of our senses. The Christmas story in the Bible wasn't a holiday people celebrated once a year or a story to be recited around a tree. The events of the Christmas story were actual historical events that happened to real people in a real world. Just like in our lives some of the events were joyful, some were scary, some were mysterious, and some were miraculous. The people in the Christmas story didn't just hear or read about Christmas, they encountered Christmas! It was a 5 senses experience!

Our hope is that as we explore the real-life stories of some of the real-life people in the biblical Christmas narrative, stories full of emotions like joy and hope, disappointment and despair, you won't just hear about Christmas during this holiday season, but you will encounter Christmas.

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We are excited to share that we have already welcomed one of our refugees to Canada and are expecting more by the end of the year! Now we need your help.


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Ever heard of the Compass Run for Food? That's us! Visit for all of the details.

Compass cares about communities all around the world, see how you can make a global difference!


In 2019 Compass is coming to the Grand Valley area!

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We've got more information about all of our ministries and programs, our sites and service times, and how to help financially on our website. We are also happy to help answer any of your questions, contact the office by email, form, or phone and let us know what we can do for you.